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Monday, May 05, 2008

Products and flavors no longer available from Betty Crocker

As found in the 1966 Cake and Frosting Mix Cookbook.

Cake mixes:
Tropical Mist
Honey Spice (you can still get plain Spice)
Butter Brickle (now Butter Pecan)
Lemon Velvet (now just Lemon)
Lemon Chiffon (I think Chiffon cake went out with Nixon)
Cherry Fudge
Chocolate Malt

Frosting mixes:
Golden Caramel
Coconut Pecan
Chocolate Fudge
Butter Brickle
Lemon Velvet
Cherry Fudge
Chocolate Malt

In fact, the only frosting mix you can still buy is Fluffy White. There are 21 flavors of canned frosting to choose from though.


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Lidian said...

The names just sound really good to me, some of them - like Lemon Chiffon and Butter Brickle. They liked lemon a lot, didn't they?

I don't expect the mixes were as good as the names though!

At 7:41 AM, Blogger Susan said...

They all had to be better than canned frosting, though. Canned frosting just leaves me cold. I think it's one of the worst "improvements" in modern baking.

What is "brickle," anyway?? Is it supposed to be like peanut *brittle*?


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